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Managing your money

Are you making the most of your money? If not, why don’t you sign up for one of our one-to-one sessions on personal budgeting and money management.

For organisations we can arrange group sessions tailored to your service users across West Berkshire.

For further details please telephone 01635 516605.

“This workshop has been really helpful and given me the confidence to get started saving money”
“I feel like I can write down a plan of action to budget now”
“It was very helpful”
“I will think twice before taking cash out of the bank”
“Dear CAB
Thank you so much for your time and patience.
Life now seems do-able still keeping notes of what I spend, it all appears to be running smoothly and I even appear to have a small amount leftover.
Yours gratefully”

Volunteer with us

21,600 highly trained volunteers support the delivery of our work. Our volunteers come from all sorts of backgrounds and help with everything we do. Could you join them?

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